It is estimated that greater than 60% of all personal bankruptcies in the United States are the direct result of overwhelming medical debt, according to a study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School, published in the August 2009 issue of The American Journal of Medicine. Sadly, in many of these situations, individuals lose their homes. Most people assume their medical bills are correct, when this is likely not the case. A proper review and analysis of medical bills can detect any errors and provide correct information upon which to base major financial decisions, such as filing for bankruptcy.

Healthcare costs and health insurance premiums are inextricably linked. As the cost of healthcare rises, so do premiums for health insurance and perhaps most significantly, so do out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare consumers. According to the National Healthcare Antifraud Association, $2.26 trillion was spent on healthcare and over 4 billion health insurance claims were processed in the United States in 2007. When you consider the reality of the high incidence of medical billing errors, the dollar amount of errors is staggering! How much of that tab did you pay?


  • Q: Can't I just ask the hospital to review my bill for errors?
  • A: Yes. Hospital billing departments can and do review patients' bills upon request. Typically, that review will have a narrow focus, to address the patient's specific questions, instead of a comprehensive review such as that performed by Montana Medical Bill Review. It is worth noting that the vast majority of hospital billing departments are understaffed, and their workloads are enormous – billing hundreds of patients daily, which involves completing dozens of different forms for dozens of different insurance companies. (This is one of the reasons billing errors occur.) It is possible that your request may not be honored in a timely fashion. Another consideration: most hospital employees who work in the billing department have specialized training in medical coding and billing practices, but not the clinical background (such as nursing) that can be very helpful in identifying billing errors and explaining the bill to the patient.

  • Q: What does this service cost?
  • A: Your initial consultation is free.



  • Personalized service
  • Professional consultant
  • Full utilization of your
    insurance benefits
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Adherence to National Healthcare Billing Guidelines
  • Adherence to HIPAA Regulations


  • Q: I don't have health insurance. Can I use this service?
  • A: Yes. Uninsured individuals are the hardest hit by the high cost of healthcare, as they are responsible for 100% of their bills. There is no insurance company paying 80% of the bill after copays and deductibles, as is typically the case for an individual covered by a commercial health insurance policy. When you have to pay 100% of the bill, you need to know that the bill is 100% correct! Montana Medical Bill Review is here to help you determine that.

  • Q: Do I have to be a resident of Montana to use this service?
  • A: No. The services provided by Montana Medical Bill Review are available to anyone who has been billed for medical services by a healthcare provider in the U.S., regardless of that individual's place of residence.