How does it work?

Montana Medical Bill Review provides review and analysis of your medical bills, detects billing errors and recovers any overpayments you may have made. Our analyst is your advocate in the complex, confusing maze that is the medical billing process. In addition to analyzing all documentation relating to your medical bills, we also verify that your insurance, if any, has paid according to your policy. Montana Medical Bill Review helps you control your healthcare costs by making sure that you pay only for the services and products you received during treatment for your illness or injury.

Medical Bill Review at a Glance

HCPCS, CPT, CMS, RBRVS, R&C, ICD-9-CM...alphabet soup? These are acronyms for just a few of the components of medical bills: diagnostic codes, regulations, and reimbursement methodologies. Today‘s healthcare billing process is extraordinarily complex and nearly impossible for the individual healthcare consumer to fully understand. As a result, the individual consumer doesn‘t really know what they‘re paying for when they pay their medical bills. For example, your hospital bill may contain a line item for Pharmacy, with a price attached to it. Of course, that‘s for medications, but how do you know it‘s for the correct type and amount of medications you were given during your hospital stay? The only way to know for certain is to review your medical record for that hospital stay, which requires knowledge of the medical terminology involved.

Given the complexity of medical billing, it‘s not surprising that billing errors occur with relative frequency. The majority of these errors go undetected. Montana Medical Bill Review can make sure you‘re not paying the price for these errors.


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A Difference You Can Measure

According to The Access Project, a Boston based healthcare advocacy group, approximately 80% of medical bills contain at least one error. It could be a $15.00 error just as easily as it could be a $1,500.00 error. Which is it on YOUR bill?

Errors can result in undercharges or overcharges, but the majority of errors are overcharges. You may be paying for services you did not receive. Montana Medical Bill Review can detect errors and recover any overpayments.